Our Practice

We are a full-service animal hospital providing comprehensive pet healthcare services in Belfair, WA. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical, surgical and dental services, including holistic therapies. Our hospital has advanced equipment and technologies, including comprehensive in-house testing for accurate diagnosis, digital x-ray, surgical suite, dental suite, and a pharmacy. We are committed to providing quality care at every stage of your pet's life. From routine preventive care to early detection and treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases, we have the expertise to provide the highest standard of care for your pet. We serve clients near and far, including Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Shelton, Allyn, Grapeview, and Seabeck.

  • Dr. Nancy Isbell, DVM


    To my friends, colleagues, clients, and pets,
    It is with truly humble gratitude and love that I write this letter.
    Each of you has touched me, taught me, and allowed me to fulfill my life’s calling these last 37 years. You have given me the privilege to participate in your lives and the health care of your 4 footed companions. ( ok sometimes 3 footed or even 2 footed) I have rejoiced in the puppies and kittens, admired how you worked to bring value to your pet’s lives, and I have held your hand when we struggled to the end of their lives.

    I have learned from all of you, even those who had constructive criticism, to become a better person and a better doctor. Know that I carry you and your pets, living, and past, with me. They will not be forgotten. I have been honored to be trusted with their care
    You know I have strived to provide the best possible care. As Belltowne Veterinary Center has grown, we have added caring, professional, compassionate people to the team. These are the very people I have selected and trust to take care of us and our (mine too) pets in the years to come.

    As I step aside, I hope to take some time to recover my health, to seek new trails to hike with my dog Oden and to watch him gain even more championships in Barn Hunt. You will be in the trusted hands of Belltowne’s other amazing doctors, Dr. Alicia Finger, Dr. Kaitlyn Gregg, Dr. Ryan Reusch and Dr. Amanda Silverberg.

    Thank you for making my life so fulfilled
    Dr. Nancy Isbell

  • Dr. Alicia Finger, DVM


    Dr. Alicia is originally from the suburbs of Syracuse NY, and grew up riding horses and volunteering at the local shelter which is how she became interested in veterinary medicine.

    Dr. Alicia received a BA in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Environmental Resource Management from Binghamton University while on an athletic scholarship in Track and Cross Country. After graduation, she moved to Northern New York and worked as an assistant herdsman on a large dairy farm for almost a year until deciding to go back to veterinary school with interests in mixed animal medicine.

    During her rigorous studies at the University of Missouri, she was employed by the Emergency and Critical Care team as an assistant on nights and weekends to gain more experience. After graduating with her DVM, Dr. Alicia’s interests changed from mixed to small animal medicine as she became more compassionate for the human animal bond that small animal medicine is centered around.

    She recently moved to the west coast as a longtime dream of hers has been to get “out west.” Dr. Alicia has three pets and an amazing human companion, named Ryan. Together they share two dogs, German Shepard Huxley and Lab mix Byron, and a kitty named Arthur. In her spare time she is out hiking the beautiful surrounding trails, biking, camping or running. She also loves to travel and meet new people.

  • Dr. Kaitlyn Gregg, DVM


    Dr. Kaitlyn Gregg pursued her Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State in Animal Science and then went on to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Oklahoma State University in 2017. She has worked in veterinary medicine since 2011 and takes special interest in soft tissue surgery, wound treatment, pain management (soon to be certified in acupuncture), and animal behavior. In her free time, she enjoys paintballing, painting, and gaming as well as spending time with her significant other, Mark. She has three dogs: Abby (King Charles Cavalier), Kaiser (German Shepherd), and Molly (Pug) as well as Mike, a one-eyed cat and Estelle, a sassy tripod. Go caps go!
    “I love medicine! It’s constantly changing and evolving with time allowing more room for personal growth and better techniques for my patients! Each patient is an individual and needs to be treated as such and that’s attainable in the veterinary field.”

  • Dr. Ryan Reusch DVM


    Dr. Ryan grew up in rural Iowa, pursing biology, chemistry and a detour into anthropology where he enjoyed teaching and performing academic research. Dr. Ryan ultimately found his calling in veterinary medicine where he could assist families with the care of their furry companions. He worked as a veterinary assistant in a small animal practice for several years before attaining his DVM from the University of Missouri in 2016. Dr. Ryan has specific interests in companion animal medicine, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and dermatology.

    After years of living in the midwest, Dr. Ryan desired to explore the Pacific Northwest, finding great camping, hiking and many adventures with his wonderful companions Alicia and their German Shepherd Huxley on the Olympic Peninsula.

  • Dr. Amanda Silverberg, DVM


    Dr. Amanda Silverberg graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She completed her internship at Florida Veterinary Specialists and has also done intensive training for acupuncture on small animals through the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine. She combines her knowledge of traditional medicine with that of dietary and nutritional support with Tradition Chinese Medicine practices to provide innovative and passionate care for her patients. Dr. Amanda and her husband have a cat named, Tigra and a pup named Pip.

  • April

    Office Manager, LVT

    April has been in the veterinary field since 1993, starting out as a kennel assistant for a clinic in Gig Harbor while in high school. She served in the US Army as a veterinary technician for 4 years stationed in MD. She joined Belltowne Veterinary Center in August 2009 and became the office Manager in October 2015. Her favorite part of the veterinary field is the human animal bond.

    April and her husband Paul have 1 cat, 3 dogs and a couple fish tanks. April actively participates in flyball with the Cascade Comets, with her 3 dogs; Rossi- Jack Russell, Indi- Border Collie, and Mac- Terrier/ Poodle Mix. April also likes to run, hike, camp, garden and ride motorcycles.

  • Riley

    Licensed Vet Technician

    Riley grew up with a passion for animals which fueled her dreams of working in the field of veterinary medicine, and she has now been a licensed veterinary technician since 2014. Riley has lived in good ‘ol Mason County since a baby and still loves the view to this day. In her spare time she enjoys being outside/ camping, photography, and going crazy with her two energetic pups and her goofy boyfriend Tyler.

  • Melissa

    Assistant Manager

    Melissa joined Belltowne in 2007, helping to move the clinic from the old log cabin location to the current one. She now works as Dr Nancy’s assistant exclusively. Melissa is largely to credit for making sure that Dr Nancy gets off work on time, by helping with her appointments, helping to manage her schedule, helping with her phone calls, and anything else that Dr Nancy needs. If you make an appointment with Dr Nancy, you are sure to cross paths with Melissa.

    What Melissa loves best about her job, is dentistry and x-rays (esp dental x-rays). Give her a good dental and that will make her day!

    Her personal interests are spending time with her many grand kids, camping, and drag racing. She has 3 chihuahuas, a cat, 4 chickens, and a fish.

  • Liza


    Liza joined our Belltowne team in 2009 and has been in the vet field since 1999.
    She is known for her care, compassion and concern for all pets.
    Her favorite pastime revolves around her own pets (2) canines Fred and Darren, (2) 3 legged cats, I-Lean, and Jack, and (2) 4 legged brother cats Coal and Edward.
    Customer relations, receptionist and the occasional back room assistant along with her ability to multi task and assist in many facets of providing the best to all of our patients and their 2 legged parents.
    Liza and her husband, Doug met in 1994. They have been married since 1995 and currently reside in Manchester.

  • Jen


    Jen has worked in the veterinary field since 1999. She has held positions as a kennel assistant and now our awesome receptionist. She has four kids and lives on a small farm with her dogs Jaxson, Daisy, Duck and June. And that’s not all! She also has three cats, 6 mini goats, chickens, ducks and geese.

  • Kaylyn

    Dr. Ryan's Assistant

    Kaylyn has been with Belltowne Veterinary Center since 2014. She loves seeing all the different breeds of dogs and cats. Kaylyn has a son named Charlie and is currently engaged! She has 2 furry family members, a mixed breed dog named Sid and a cat named Cheezie. In her spare time she loves going 4 wheeling/mudding in 4×4 trucks, riding quads, camping, going to drag races and spending time at home with the family watching movies.

  • Katie

    Animal Care Provider

  • Aubrey

    Dr. Gregg's Assistant

    Aubrey has been in the veterinary care for about 2 years now, Belltowne being her first clinic. Aubrey has always been interested in the field since she was a little girl; she has always had a passion for helping those who cannot help themselves. Born abroad to a military family, Aubrey moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest when she was 4. She did the running start program, finishing her high school career with college courses. Aubrey completed a bachelor degree in zoology from Washington State University and moved back to western Washington. She has been with Belltowne Veterinary Center since August 2015, starting as a kennel assistant and working her way up to a veterinary assistant. Aubrey has 4 cats with her other half, John-Michael: Gatsby, Akila, Scribbles, and Fraya. When Aubrey is not at work, she is at home curled up on the couch with her cats or pursuing a degree in veterinary technology.

  • Kathi

    Dr. Amanda's Assistant

    Kathi came to work at Belltowne in 2013. Having worked with Border Collie and horse rescue for many years, she volunteered at the clinic and felt and instant connection. Fortunately so did the staff and she has been here ever since. She is now Dr Amanda’s assistant, caring for all of her clients and assisting in surgery. She lives with her husband and two kitties, Tiri and Debbie.

  • Carol

    Treatment Team

    Carol has been with Belltowne Veterinary Center since 2014. Growing up on a farm started her lifelong dream of working in the veterinary field.
    Carol & husband Robert have been married for 19 years and enjoy their home with a handsome German Shepherd, Maazi, a kitty, Boris, and 3 chickens, Joan Jett, Hazel, & Alice.
    Carol and her family love gardening, hiking, camping, cycling, reading, and of course spending time with family.

  • Kristina

    Kennel Assistant

    Kristina has been at Belltowne since 2015 as a kennel assistant. Her job is keeping the clinic clean and helping restrain pets for their treatments. She loves giving peanut butter to the puppies and taking care of the dogs and cats that visit throughout the day. On her down time she raises sheep for wool and meat and also loves taking the sheep and mini horse she has to shows. Making yarn and other wool based crafts are things Kristina also enjoys.