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  • This place when we got our puppy at 12 weeks old she was diagnosed with parvo so we brought the dog to this place after our dog died they really had us bring her straight there once we pick the dog up for the puppy automatically no questions asked if they help this already had any money to do so but we had options and very understanding and very caring kind of individuals that were clear Tuesday now at 6 months old she has lives to Fargo and I've known her since she was a puppy and this place is the most awesome awesome place you can take your pet to very highly professional and I highly highly recommend anybody that has anything wrong with your dog taking the belltowne in Belfair extremely extremely compassionate staff and people and very highly professional I will never ever take my pet anywhere else but there thank you so much for saving our dog's life and her name is Asia she's the same kind of breed is our Pitbull peaches that had we had to put down there they did everything they could for her as well it was just too late other than that our vet assistant and all staff have been very warming helpful and to me that means more than life itself and thank you very much for all your help guys and we appreciate you and for anybody wants and has charged with their dogs take them their hands hands down the best bet I've ever had in our life and also our dog is very happy with them since he was a puppy she's always wanting to see them when we come and when we come there and there's nothing else about I can say cuz there's nothing at all about to say about him great great Veterinarian Clinic I'll always take every animal if I ever have any more there no matter what so so to the public best place ever in the whole wide world compassionate and professional staff and they actually care about your about your pet thank you Davis Trevino and Shayna Chambersan owner of t s clean up thank you guys we will never forget what you have done for Asia


  • This is a doc for an animal lover. They can be pricey, but they treat my dogs the way I do.. Like part of my family. What I said before is truer today than it ever was. My sweet little man had to go before his time. They loved us both enough to give us what we needed. I can't express how grateful I am that they are who they are.

    Sara Lomker

  • 4.5 Google Rating