COVID-19 Updates

In an effort to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we are utilizing low-contact service to all our clients for all pet care needs.

Curbside Service

Please call us when you arrive or honk if you do not have a cellular device. A member of our staff will meet you outside to transport your pet inside the building.

Tech Appointments: a member of our staff will meet you outside, get your pet’s history and transport your pet inside the building for treatments.

Doctor Appointments: We will come to you to assist you directly in an examination room. Cats must be in a secure carrier with NO belongings or blankets. If your pet cannot be safely transferred to the clinic your appointment will be rescheduled.

At the conclusion of your pet’s exam, we will update your pet’s plan and schedule any rechecks in the room. We will attempt to process payment in the room or car side.

Pet Care Services: We ask that any non-medical services such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, etc. be postponed until we resume normal operations. If you, or anyone in your household is ill we ask that you reschedule all non-urgent appointments to minimize staff exposure.  Should your pet be ill while you are under quarantine, and urgent pet care is needed, please contact us as Public Health will need to be involved.

Medication Procedures: We are able to accommodate pharmacy refills.  To avoid time spent in our lobby, please call your script request in at least 2-3 days prior to the desired pickup day.   If your prescriptions are currently authorized, we suggest refilling a 2-3 month supply.

According to CDC guidance, there is no evidence that companion animals or pets can spread COVID-19 to date. For the latest information about coronavirus and pets, we encourage you to visit the CDC and World Health Organization websites.

Telemedicine & Chat

We are happy to announce our new PetPro Connect app, our telemedicine appointment partner. As always, please reach out if your pet needs to be seen. Based on your pet’s symptoms our staff will determine if telemedicine is a good fit.  With this app you will be able to:



🐾 Request both in-person and video consultation appointments.
🐾 Securely access all your furry friend’s medical records.
🐾 Privately message/chat directly with our team through the app.
🐾 Request prescription refills.

This upgraded app will replace the existing Pet Page mobile app.